West Orkney Middle South

E.ON Climate & Renewables UK Ltd, 50MW


In March 2010, E.ON Climate & Renewables UK Ltd were awarded leases for two wave energy sites in the world’s first wave and tidal energy leasing programme in Scotland, managed by The Crown Estate.


The Crown Estate awarded ten leases in total for the development of around 1.2 GW of wave and tidal power, enough to meet the electricity needs of up 750,000 homes.


E.ON partook in a rigorous bidding process before they secured the two sites in West Orkney. They successfully demonstrated their experience as a leading, responsible offshore energy generator with a clear commitment to supporting the emerging wave and tidal sector energy sector and the wider renewable energy industry as a whole.


Over the following months E.ON will be embarking on a programme of development activities and studies designed to help them to better understand the physical character of the sites, the energy resource and potential environmental impacts; this will enable them to design the wave farms in the most efficient and environmentally sustainable way.


The development activities and site studies will be supported by an in-depth monitoring programme being undertaken on their Pelamis test project at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Orkney.


Site Statistics: West Orkney Middle South


Technology: TBC/ seeking technology partner
Phase 1: up to 10 MW demonstration project consisting up to 20 wave energy convertors
Phase 2: up to 50 MW commercial project




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