Marwick Head

Scottish Power Renewables UK Ltd, 50MW


Scottish Power Renewables (UK) Ltd is proposing to develop a Commercial Wave Farm west of Orkney mainland at Marwick Head. The wave farm will have a capacity of 49.5MW of renewable power for export to the grid and will contribute to meeting the Scottish Government’s targets of providing 80% of Scotland’s electricity generation from renewable sources by 2020 and at least 100% by 2025.


Pelamis Wave Power achieved grid connection and exported power to the local grid network with full-scale, 750kW Pelamis prototype at the EMEC site in August 2004. This was the world’s first grid connected, open ocean demonstration of a deep-water wave energy converter. The wave device is a semi submerged wave device utilising the energy of the waves and is moored to the seabed.


The Pelamis device has undergone rigorous design validation in the intervening years. With more than 2000 hours of operation, the prototype machine successfully demonstrated the Pelamis concept at full scale, as well as generating continuous power into the grid, as expected and predicted by simulation models of experienced sea states and imposed control settings.


In march 2010 Scottish Power Renewables ordered a full-scale second generation P2 wave energy converter from Pelamis, which is to be tested at EMEC from 2011. Once testing of this device and any required refinements to the design are complete, it is proposed that the Marwick Head Wave Farm will be deployed in Orkney, subject to the required consents and licenses being obtained. Scottish Power Renewables have secured exclusive rights to the development of a site to the west of the Orkney mainland at Marwick Head. The Wave Farm would consist of 66 750kW Pelamis P2 wave energy converters.


Information above taken from the Marwick Scoping Report: Proposed Marwick Head Wave Farm Request for a Scoping Opinion January 2011


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