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SR Marine Conference, Exhibition & Dinner 2013

16 Sep 2013 & 17 Sep 2013 @ Eden Court, Inverness

16/09/2013 12:31PM

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In practice, delivery of the projects to schedule depends on a range of factors, many of which will be tackled directly by the project development companies. A range….More




Development and consenting activities dominate expenditure during the early years of the Pentland Firth and Orkney Waters projects.  The process began in earnest during….More




Device manufacturers are likely to assemble their devices from bought-in components. Some are assembling prototype devices at present and a number of manufacturers each….More


Installation & Commissioning

There are a variety of challenges associated with the deployment of wave and tidal devices offshore. The most significant of these include the inherently hostile environmental….More

Operations & Maintenance

The operation and maintenance (O&M) stage covers all the activities necessary to ensure ongoing generation during the project’s anticipated operational life of…More

Support Functions

A wide range of services will be required to deliver wave and tidal projects, including some supporting functions. In addition to activities that contribute directly to specifice….More