Brough Head

Aquamarine Power Ltd & SSE Renewables Holdings (UK) ltd, 200MW

Aquamarine Power Ltd have been granted, in partnership with SSE Renewables, an exclusive lease option on an area of seabed off the west coast of Orkney.  This allows them to start working with stakeholders on the first phase of their proposed Oyster wave farm.

They are currently conducting technical and environmental surveys to assess the feasibility of installing Oyster wave energy devices along a stretch of Orkney’s coastline from Costa Head in the north to Neban Point in the south-west.


Working with local communities

In conjunction with their survey work, they are following statutory environmental impact assessment and permitting processes.  These processes will ensure their proposed Oyster wave power project is developed sensitively and with due consideration to the local environment and community. They are working in close consultation with key local stakeholders and government bodies and will continue to do so as their proposed project progresses.


They have appointed Orkney-based environmental consultancy Xodus Aurora to independently assess any potential environmental impact of their proposed Oyster wave power project and to work with them to mitigate any such impact.   They are also working with a number of local surveyors to collect baseline data on the local bird and marine mammal populations present in the area.


World’s first seabed leasing round

Aquamarine Power was awarded the exclusive lease option on this area of seabed in partnership with SSE Renewables in March 2010 as part of The Crown Estate’s Pentland Firth and Orkney Waters leasing round.  This leasing round was the world’s first seabed leasing round, which was designed to enable marine energy developers such as Aquamarine Power to investigate the potential for the installation of marine energy devices around Britain’s coastline. The Crown Estate owns the seabed around Britain out to 12 nautical miles.


Aquamarine Power Ltd are working in partnership with SSE Renewables under the joint venture name Brough Head Wave Farm Limited (BHWFL).  SSE Renewables is part of SSE (Scottish and Southern Energy plc).


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