Pentland Firth study shows wave business potential

May 26, 2011
Crown Estate, News
Scotland’s Pentland Firth could see £100 million worth of renewable investment by 2015 rising to £6 billion before 2020 if consents are granted, grid infrastructure is installed and funding is secured, a Crown Estate study has concluded.

The public body, which leases sea bed rights to wave power promoters, commissioned the research as part of its programme to accelerate development of wave and tidal energy projects in the firth, which separates Scotland’s north coast from the Orkneys. It concludes that renewables development in the area offers major economic opportunities for businesses across Scotland.

“This report takes us a stage further in understanding the opportunities for companies to step up to the challenge of being part of a competitive, reliable and flexible supply chain which will form the backbone of the industry,” said Crown Estate wave and tidal development manager John Robertson.


Wave and Tidal Energy in the Pentland Firth and Orkney Waters: How the Projects Could be Built (pdf)


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